Sunday, 23 November 2008

Woolly Trousers

Can woolly trousers look good? Maybe on a toddler ...

My mum made these trousers for my son to crawl in. We didn't have central heating, double glazing or nice soft carpets, so they kept him nice and warm and protected his little knees. They are very ecologically sound - knitted from recycled scraps of wool and handed down to the next in line. A family tradition! I think they were used by at least 4 toddlers, being passed round the family, and back here now, the small pairs being worn by dolls.

1994: Our first born - learning to walk!
Big bum - lots of padding provided by a terry nappy.
(terries also passed round the family as they wash and go on forever).

1994: Our first born on the birth of our second child -
I want the new baby's bed, "Mine".
(The new baby seems to have escaped being photographed wearing woolly trousers)

2002: Third child, same trousers
(and probably one of the same lot of terries)
She's still artistic!

And all so cute!


Relatively Retiring said...

Aaahhh! Cute AND ecologically sound, how good is that? What a lovely post.
But please can you get the second one into the woolly trousers for a photo-shoot?

Beth said...

I'll tell her you said that!